About me

I work mainly in government and defense technology as well as a wide range of other projects I find interesting. I studied Symbolic Systems at Stanford.


UNIT Innovations

Founder and CEO. Working with government agencies, correctional facilities, healthcare, and more delivering advanced mobile and enterprise data systems. Founded in 2016. Currently working in over 7 states with correctional customers in California, Texas, and Las Vegas as well as specialized health care and public safety technologies.


Chairman of the Board. Criminal Justice nonprofit taken through Y Combinator W20 batch. Working on fostering employment and educational opportunities for the second chance community. Fellow board members include William Teel, Captain at LVMPD and Matthew Cate, former Secretary of the California Department of Corrections and Rehibilitation.


Managing Partner. Commercializing innovative technologies for the DoD through specialized work, product development, and financing. Focused on technology evaluation and development.


Hopscotch Health

Tech enabled children's urgent care based in San Antonio, TX. Advising on technology strategy and initiatives.

Stealth - Consumer

Advising on artificial intelligence and automation.

Stealth - Education

Advising on go-to-market strategy, product development, and hiring.


Problems Sighted

Podcast focused on highlighting interesting problems in the world to solve. Guests included former Ambassador Michael McFaul, Brian Norgard, Riva Tez, Mike Solana, and more.


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